Beauty & luxury all wrapped up into one adventure of a life time! We boarded our yacht in Cartagena Columbia, for a 5 day sail via the gorgeous San Blas Islands.

Not a lot of people know about the secluded Islands. The San Blas islands are a group of islands in the archipelago de San Blas, located in the Northwest of Panama facing the Caribbean Sea. There are 378 picturesque islands within the archipelago and they are scattered around in an area of about 100 square miles. The islands are beautifully lined with white sugary sand that you can’t help but smile while digging your toes into it. This is a fantastic place to kick back, relax & enjoy the finer things in life.

During our sail we spent our days being catered to by our private chef, indulging in fresh caught lobsters brought in by the indigenous people called the Kunas. They came up the boat offering their handwoven clothing, jewelry as well as local drinks.  We dove into the fresh Caribbean Sea snorkeling & exploring the colorful reefs, lined with an abundance of marine life including a sleeping reef shark! Diving around pirate shipwrecks. We spent our evenings enjoying the remarkable romantic sunsets in the company of glittering stars while sipping on red wine on the rooftop & puffing on a Colombian cigar or two.

This is a trip to take if you enjoy the relaxation of the open water, combined with the Islands beautiful surroundings. It’s the ultimate combination of luxury & freedom.






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